Video Tapes: Cold Spring Harbor Lab -- Transgenic & ES Cells

merlin merlin at
Mon Dec 19 01:05:29 EST 1994

Does anyone have the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories videotapes for
training new investigators to use transgenic animal techniques (the
tape is a companion to Hogan et al's Manipulating the Mouse Embryo)
and embryonic stem cell techniques (companion to Joyner et al's IRL
Gene Targeting book?).  Vendor contact telephone number, ISBN, plus
any other information would be helpful.

What is your opinion about these videotapes?  Are there any other
tapes you might recommend for research staff training in methods
related to transgenic animals, embryonic stem cells & fluorescent
cell sorter work?

Do any libraries, laboratories, or individual laboratories have a
copy of these tapes which could be loaned for a week or two?  I'd
like to borrow these tapes for review through campus interlibrary 
loan group -- or via personal arrangement between laboratories.

Thanks, AJ

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