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>  Hi experts
> I wanna ask you something on sequencing.
> 1) When my co-worker sequenced the same DNA sample, his x-ray film did not
> show any bands at all sometimes and did show good bands sometimes.
> He did sequencing with exactly same DNA sample aliquots.
> Why did the results?

My guess is technique.  The dsDNA sequencing techniques are not trivial,
and inconsistent results are not uncommon.

> 2) On the sequenced bands, there are some ladders on all 4 lanes. There
> were no so many ladders but some ladders on the film. We cannot read the
> sequence around the ladders. How can I avoid that? 
> Is the sample quality problem? or primer-annealing problem?

I am not sure what you mean, exactly ?  If you mean that you simply had a
latter of bands in the lane, well, this is commonly seen as well. My guess
is that it would be caused by bad technique and/or not-so-clean DNA

Here are tips that we use for good results:

1)  Always use Cesium Pure DNA.  This gives the most consistently good results.
2) Make sure that all of your reagents are fresh
3) Do not over-extend.  Watch your times carefully.
4)  Pipette all mixtures with great care, avoiding bubbles

Hope this helps.  A better description of the second problem would be
helpful, though.

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