Marc Van de Craen MARCVDC at LMB1.RUG.AC.BE
Mon Dec 19 16:32:48 EST 1994

Dear madam/Sir,

Thank you very much for your reply.

Possibly you mean the PCR2001 plasmid published in "biotechnology 
vol9 1991).  That is a kind of vector we are looking for.  We know that this 
vector was on the marked for a short period of time (Invitrogen).  
But at that time we didn't need the vector, so we didn't buy it at 
that time.  Anyhow we could certainly use it now.  Invitrogen BELGIUM 
doesn't sell the full length plasmid anymore.  They only sell linearised 
onces for a lot of money (in fact too much money).  Do you wether in your 
country this full length plasmid 
is still available?  Or do you know somebody who could provide us this 
plasmid?  In the last case we realise that we can only use the vector 
for internal use.  But it could speed up our results.  In case if the 
cloned PCR fragment is used in a publication we will be obliged to 
clone the fragment in another plasmid.  Anyhow,  as you also will 
realise, only a small part of the practical work on a project is used in a 

Best Wishes and Merry Christmas,

Marc Van de Craen

PS : We have the other plasmid "pTA12"  described in the publication. 
         However this one does not work at all in our hands.

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