Overlapping Eucaryotic genes

Dr. YL Du yd128 at albnyvms.bitnet
Mon Dec 19 13:02:53 EST 1994

In article <01HKTO5TNH6Q002NRM at ccvax.sinica.edu.tw>,

> Dear netters!
> Does anybody have any information about overlapping genes in Eucaryotes,
> especially in Drosophila? Actually, I've got two different cDNAs that overlap
> on their 3'-end sequence. This was also shown by the corresponding genomic
> fragment sequencing. Thanks in adwance for any hints on that subject.
Some sequences in the genome exist in multiple genes.  One example is the
B1 element in the mice genome, which is either located in the genes
transcribed by RNA pol II or transcribed by RNA pl III.
There is a B1 element sequence in p53 gene although the function of this
multiple repreat is not clear.   It is possiblely involved in the cell
differentiation and  development.

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