Storage of purified proteins

Hiesberger Thomas hiesi at
Mon Dec 19 11:12:58 EST 1994

In article <66445.ashendel at> Curt Ashendel,
ashendel at writes:
>>Can anyone suggest some guidelines for the storage of highly purified
>>recombinantly produced proteins. We have purified a couple of cytokines
>>produced in E. coli, about 1 mg/l. What are the best ways for short term
>>and long term storage - 50% glycerol, lyophilized, -70 oC, etc. We have
>>found loss of activity when stored at 4 oC for longer than 1 week. Any
>>suggestions will be appreciated.


If you still have problems to store your protein after all this good
ideas, try to get your protein to the highest concentration you can. If
this is not possible, you should try to store it in a puffer containing a
other protein in high concentration. (Add BSA to 20mg/ml). Proteins do
like proteins. But this is only possible if you chose a protein which
does not interfere with your experiments. 


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