request hi eff transient transfection system

Sunil Shaw skshaw at
Tue Dec 20 17:32:25 EST 1994

Oops, sorry, I omitted the message.

I'm looking for a high efficiency mammalian transient transfection 
system. to express a cell surface heterodimer.
High effiency=high percentage of positive cells (>40%) 
              High levels of expression 

I'm currently using COS-7, AprM8 vector, and DEAE-dextran/DMSO shock.
I've tried to optimize conditions re. confluency of COS cells prior to 
tx, amounts of DNA, times of incubation, DMSO shock, harvesting. 
Effeciency varies from 15-60% positive, although all the factors 
mentioned help reduce the number of poor tx.

Please send your imporvements/alternate systems/references. I will post a 

skshaw at

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