Hints for PCR product Autosequencing (ABI)

Guy Hoelzer hoelzer at unr.edu
Tue Dec 20 15:53:54 EST 1994

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> i'm looking for a protocol, or some suggestions regarding sample
> preparation for direct sequencing of PCR products using the ABI Taz Dye
> Deoxy Terminator Sequencing protocol.  I have a few papers that suggest
> using shrimp Alkaline Phosphatase and Exonuclease I, but all the ones that
> i've read deal with radioactive sequencing and Sequenase instead of Taq for
> the polymerase.  anyone with experience doing direct sequencing with the
> ABI kits (either with or without sAP/Exo I) who would like to share hints
> or papers with me would be greatly appreciated.
> thanks in advance,

I would also be very interested in advice in this area.  Please post a
summary of responses to this group if you get several directed to you by

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