Pedigree software for the mac

Tom Thatcher ttha at
Tue Dec 20 09:26:49 EST 1994

In <3d4ufe$sls at> Josef Peter Magyar <jmagyar at> writes:

>Dear Neters

>I am looking around allready since a while for a pedigree editor program
>running on a Macintosh. I would need it for the track-keeping of our
>mouse breeding facilities. Have you ever seen one? 

Lee Silver at Princeton has written programs for tracking mouse colonies
for both PC and Mac.  (Actually, although it was originally written for
mice, it will keep track of any kind of lab animal.)

The PC version is $69 per license, the Mac version
is about $190 due to the necessity of also licensing the relational 
database program it's embedded in.  I use the PC version on a PwerMac
under SoftWindows and its pretty good.  If I remember I will post
Dr. Silver's e-mail address after I get back to my office to
check it.
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