Promega challenges LaRoche Taq polymerase patent

Duncan Clark Duncan at
Thu Dec 22 06:20:32 EST 1994

In article: <Pine.SUN.3.91.941220211543.18110A-100000 at>  Richard Schifreen 
<rschifre at> writes:
> I tried to access ftp without success. The login did not 
> accept anonymous and required a user name and password.  Please post 
> instructions for logging in and directory/file structure identifying 
> which files are suitable for anonymous download.  

I just logged in from the UK without any hassle but either the server 
is extremely slow or the UK /US link is semi-broke 'cos it was too slow 
to be able to download the gif files.

Anyway using John Junods WS_ftp program I could login as anonymous with
my Email address as the password. Directory structure is

and /pub/scientificdata

There is over 4mb of data files in the latter.

I agree that a web page etc would be nicer.

The European Taq enzyme patent will go through on the 24th or 25th 
December. I assume it will be challenged in the nine months allowed 
following the allocation of the patent number. 


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