Promega challenges LaRoche Taq polymerase patent

PromegaCC promegacc at
Thu Dec 22 09:54:38 EST 1994


The documents were filed with Federal Court in San Francisco on Thursday,
15 December, so getting the information setup has been a real challenge.
Please forgive our inexperience with the distribution of a project of this

The documents are currently formatted in Microsoft WORD for Windows 6.0.
and when downloaded should look fine. Later today [22 Dec.], we'll have
WORD 2.0 and MAC WORD 5.1 versions available to non-Windows users. Please
start with the readme.1st file which contains useful information and index
of files. Some of the GIF files are quite large, but translate very well
via internet. I hope you'll find them worth the effort. The Figure legends
for these GIF files are in the index.doc file [WORD 6.0] which will help
in making sense of what you are viewing in the GIF file. The figure legend
references the file structure of the GIF file. (i.e. COWAN Exhibit 9:
Figure 4  should correspond to COWANE9Fig4.GIF).

I would suggest the tour start with RELEASE.DOC and follow with BRIEF.DOC
(legal brief filing), SUMMARY.DOC (summary of scientific findings),
COWAN.DOC (expert affidavits with references to GIF files containing
autorads and Western blots and supporting charts and tables), DIMOND.DOC,

If you download the text files first and print them locally, you can
review the supporting GIF files on screen at your convenience using your
GIF viewer. The material is very complete, and therefore compelling.

The plan is to have a Promega Home Page setup with interactive hypertext
links near mid-January. The links will take you from the legal documents
and scientific exhibits to the referenced GIF files and supporting tables
merely by selected the highlighted reference. I think you'll find that
more helpful.

Again, our apologies for any inconvenience. For those of you who cannot
access these documents electronically, please contact LWALKER at
via internet mail and we'll arrange for hard copy delivery to your

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