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> Hello all,
> Having just managed to hook myself up to the WWW, the question arises: does
> anyone out there have a list of neat home pages for a molecular/cell 
> biologist?  If not, send your individual selections and I'll do my best to 
> compile one and add it to the faq.
> By the way, has anyone seen the faq lately :-)?
> Jim

Martin Leach's Bookmarks

Martin's Home page ) sometimes up..
Previous Cool Sites of the Day  )-very cool sites
Welcome to ROOM 101              )
Marathon page                    )
Directory of /netscape/mac       )  cool mac game stuff
The Wolfenstein 3d Page          )
Directory of /marathon           )
Big Time eL Stop
What's Hot and Cool - MEDIUM
MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory Home Page
Santa Claus home page )hohohoho
Oneworld Directory
Internet Starter Kit for Macintosh  )lots of cool software (look in
The Delta Tao Home Page   ) game
The Official Marathon Information Page  )game
The Real Beer Page   ) :)
Ray Dream Inc.  )ray dream software
Cool Site of the Day
Image Page
MGM  )studio page 
EINet Galaxy   )macweb starting index
Lycos search: )very powerful web searching engine
Anglia - Faculty and Department Pages ) my old alma mater
The Official Unofficial Marathon Web Site )game

save below and open with netscape...or extract the http's manually..

<!DOCTYPE MCOM-Bookmark-file-1>
<!-- This is an automatically generated file.
    It will be read and
    Do Not Edit! -->
<TITLE>Martin Leach's
<H1>Martin Leach's Bookmarks</H1>
    <DT><A HREF="" ADD_DATE="-1425824479"
LAST_VISIT="-1425750256">Martin's Home page</A>
    <DT><A HREF="" ADD_DATE="-1425823725"
LAST_VISIT="-1424273151">Previous Cool Sites of the Day</A>
    <DT><A HREF="" ADD_DATE="-1425817069"
LAST_VISIT="-1425817069">Welcome to ROOM 101</A>
    <DT><A HREF=""
ADD_DATE="-1425816906" LAST_VISIT="-1425816906">Marathon page</A>
    <DT><A HREF=""
ADD_DATE="-1425816734" LAST_VISIT="-1424624237">Directory of
    <DT><A HREF=""
ADD_DATE="-1425754427" LAST_VISIT="-1424289543">The Wolfenstein 3d Page</A>
    <DT><A HREF="" ADD_DATE="-1425657291"
LAST_VISIT="-1424453405">Directory of /marathon</A>
    <DT><A HREF=""
ADD_DATE="-1425650951" LAST_VISIT="-1425650951">Big Time eL Stop</A>
    <DT><A HREF=""
ADD_DATE="-1425650664" LAST_VISIT="-1425485347">What's Hot and Cool -
    <DT><A HREF="" ADD_DATE="-1425650052"
LAST_VISIT="-1425650052">MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory Home
    <DT><A HREF="" ADD_DATE="-1425411126"
LAST_VISIT="-1425411126">Santa Claus home page</A>
    <DT><A HREF="" ADD_DATE="-1425392319"
    <DT><A HREF="" ADD_DATE="-1425390655"
LAST_VISIT="-1425390655">Oneworld Directory</A>
    <DT><A HREF=""
ADD_DATE="-1425389496" LAST_VISIT="-1424280463">Internet Starter Kit for
    <DT><A HREF=""
ADD_DATE="-1425054265" LAST_VISIT="-1424453533">The Delta Tao Home Page</A>
    <DT><A HREF=""
ADD_DATE="-1424811346" LAST_VISIT="-1424094029">The Official Marathon
Information Page</A>
    <DT><A HREF="" ADD_DATE="-1424623968"
LAST_VISIT="-1424623968">The Real Beer Page</A>
ADD_DATE="-1424608414" LAST_VISIT="-1424608344">Ray Dream Inc.</A>
    <DT><A HREF="" ADD_DATE="-1424543629"
LAST_VISIT="-1424273112">Cool Site of the Day</A>
    <DT><A HREF=""
ADD_DATE="-1424543185" LAST_VISIT="-1424540053">Image Page</A>
    <DT><A HREF=""
ADD_DATE="-1424542455" LAST_VISIT="-1424542455">MGM</A>
    <DT><A HREF="" ADD_DATE="-1424452891"
LAST_VISIT="-1424447338">EINet Galaxy</A>
    <DT><A HREF=""
ADD_DATE="-1424446825" LAST_VISIT="-1424444153">Lycos search:</A>
    <DT><A HREF=""
ADD_DATE="-1424446451" LAST_VISIT="-1424280525">Anglia - Faculty and
Department Pages</A>
    <DT><A HREF=""
ADD_DATE="-1424093613" LAST_VISIT="-1424093613">The Official Unofficial
Marathon Web Site</A>

...have a science hotlist saved separately...will post also...BTW i love
the NIH crisp search...u can look for your competitors grant!!!!

BTW i highly recommend getting Netscape....(is in ver .96 beta...but is
still much prettier than mosaic or macweb.)

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