RFI: UV crosslinking devices: Likes/Dislikes?

SHO1 sho1 at aol.com
Fri Dec 23 11:13:31 EST 1994

My lab performed one test of UV X-linking of RNA on northern blots. We
wantedd to assess how tenasciously-bound the RNA was, in terms of its
ability to withstand multiple rounds of re-hybridization.

What we found was that RNA bound to nylon and X-linked could be subject to
several rounds of hybridization without much loss of hyb signal. However,
when so-called charged, or charge-optimized nylon was used, x-linking was
either superuof luous or counterproductive. 

In other words, if you use standard nylon, x-linking is worthwhile. If
your nyon is additionally charged, a x-linking device is probably

Again, this was the result of a single test, but when I queried the
manufacturer about their claims vs our results I was told that the device
should be used with the nylon sold by the device supplier, and that the
nylon was NOT charge-optimized.

I would urge your salesman to allow you to do this kind of test in your
own lab, before spending your money.

-Stuart Horowitz
CardioPulmonary Research Institute
Winthrop-University Hospital

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