precise quantificatin of genomic DNA from different sources

Shahram Mori smori at
Sat Dec 24 23:44:07 EST 1994

Brian C. Freeman (bfreeman at wrote:
: Need Help: I have problem in quantification of genomic DNA from different
: cell lines. The DNA samples have been treated with RNase A,
: phenol-chloroform, and the OD260/280 are higher than 1.8. Loading the same
: amount of DNA(based on OD260 measuring)  from different samples in agarose
: gel, however, gives a significantly different fluorecent intensity. Should
: I trust the result from OD measuring or from agarose gel?  
Do you see any peaks at  270? If you do that's Phenol, interefering.Get
rid of phenol and it'll be ok.
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