cycle vs. normal sequencing

GR Taylor 100541.1160 at CompuServe.COM
Sun Dec 25 05:01:15 EST 1994

We wanted to do sequencing for diagnostic testing on small 
(200-350base) frags. We looked at a range of kits and got really 
brilliant results using USB's delta taq sequencing kit on 
biotinylated cleaned up PCR prods. However since the Amersham 
merger with USB it has been hard to get hold of that kit and 
we've been using the Cycle kit from Epicentre with almost as good 
results (slightly higher background making it more difficult to 
call heterozygotes). Cycling kits require more hands on time than 
T7 kits, but work better on ds tmplates, or lower concentration 
templates. Sequenase is the easiest and best if you have plenty 
of template, single stranded and hig purity.

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