cloning oligos

Ben-Sapiens srutt at beagle.Colorado.EDU
Mon Dec 26 22:33:57 EST 1994

Eric Daniel Slosberg <eds9 at> writes:

>	Does anyone have experience/knowledge about cloning ss 
>oligonucleotides into a vector.  Do I need to make a complementary oligo 
>and anneal to make a dslinker?  Is it possible to just ligate the oligo 
>into the vector and fill in the second strand w/klenow?  Also what 
>ratio of insert:vector is needed for this type of cloning (especially if 
>I make a blunt ended dslinker). Any advice can be posted on this newsgroup. 
>Thanks in advance.

see Derbyshire, et al, Gene 46: 145-152 `86    (ssOligo cloning)

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