Eric Daniel Slosberg eds9 at
Mon Dec 26 20:44:06 EST 1994

On Tue, 20 Dec 1994, Ahnders Franzen wrote:

> Dear Internetters !
> I would like to know  about the  stability   a stock solution  (2mM) of 
> Ganciclovir  in water. 
> Ahnders

	Syntex Corp, the manufacturer of ganciclovir, sent me a shipment of 
ganciclovir with the following instructions about storage.  
"it is a tasteless powder with excellent chemical and light stability in 
the solid state.  Material should be stored at temp less than 35oC and 
humidity less than 50% RH...Aqueous ganciclovir solutions are chemically 
stable between pH3 and 11 at room temperature in normal room lighting for 
two years."
	 I have spoken with people who have kept it in 2mM stock solns in H2O 
for years while maintaning activity.
	Good luck.

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