Public Domain Software for the ABI373

Peter J. Neame pneame at
Tue Dec 27 18:41:41 EST 1994

Andrew Dizon (adizon at wrote:

: I understand that there is software out there somewhere that
: essentially does the job that ABI's excessively expensive
: SeqEd and now Sequence Navigator does.  This public domain software
: gives you the same direct access to the ABI 373A data for further
: analyses.  For us, this is mainly alignment and sequence 
: comparisons.  

I don't know about public domain, but Gene Codes Corp has Sequencher for 
about $1400 academic.

They are at GeneCodes at, PO Box 3369, Ann Arbor, MI 3369.
(313) 769-7249

It's possible that one or two of the genome labs have produced something:
I know that they have work-arounds for dealing with the 373 output in the
way that they want it!                   
They will send you a demo disk if you ask.                              
Good luck                                              
Peter Neame                                                   
Dept Biochem. and Mol. Biol., USF, Tampa, 

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