Mouse liver DNA?

Marie Toloczko mctoloc at
Tue Dec 27 19:32:25 EST 1994

In article 2112940900460001 at, lremington at (Lee H. Remington) writes:
>I am trying to make genomic DNA from mouse liver.  Unfortunately, after
>prot K digestion of homogenized tissue and phenol/Chloroform
>extraction/ethanol precipitation, I am getting a flocculent white
>precipitate coming out with the DNA.  I am not seeing the nice stringy
>genomic DNA in my precipitation that I expect.  I have tried multiple
>phenol/chloroform extractions and precipitations but this white junk won't
>disappear. Any idea what this precipitate is? lipoprotein? what can be
>done to get rid of it?  Maybe there is a better part of the mouse to make
>DNA from? I need lots for multiple southerns (15 µg/ southern).
>Any input would be greatly appreciated!
>Lee Remington

It is likely glycogen.  Try making the DNA from some other tissue,
otherwise, npo for 24 hours if the animal people will allow it.


TJ Murphy
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Dept of Pharmacology
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