plasmid prep kits: good & bad?

Jon Nakamoto jnakamot at
Tue Dec 27 17:59:05 EST 1994

Anyone have experience with the 5'-3' Perfect Prep miniprep kit? I'm
trying it out and (after two tries) getting terrible yields in
comparison to other kits (such as Promega's Magic Minipreps --
incidentally, I know that some people have complained about the Promega
kit, but I've had good luck -- heck, my 13-y/o son got a pretty decent
prep on his first try in his second day doing mol bio work). Is there
some trick or critical step not mentioned in the protocol? Or is it
just another heavily advertised but poorly optimized kit? 

I have no affiliation with any of the above mentioned companies...of

Jon Nakamoto
Clinical Instructor of Pediatrics/Endocrinology, UCLA
jnakamot at

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