mRNA from Total RNA: Pref Methods?

Michael Myers myersm at
Wed Dec 28 09:56:28 EST 1994

Two questions:

1) Is the b.m.methds-reagnts FAQ still in existence? I checked the mit
faq archive and found nothing.

2) Since I couldn't check the FAQ... Is there any consensus among the
frequent posters in this group on the preferred method for purifying
polyA RNA from total? I hope this hasn't been a recent thread, I haven't
read this group in a long time. My coworkers here don't like oligo-dT
columns because they are slow and waste sample (due to retained volume).
I recently used the derivatized mAP paper from Amersham. Since it was
the first time I ever tried to isolate mRNA, I can't comment on it's
efficiency. Unfortunately, I discovered last week that Amersham is
discontinuing this product. 

What are some good alternatives?


michael myers
the rockefeller university
myersm at

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