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Wed Dec 28 14:58:13 EST 1994

In article <mic-2112941225010001 at>, mic at nwu.edu (Mic Chaudoir) writes:
>> I was sent a protocol for making a T/A cloning vector using the TAQ 
>> polymerase to add the necessary T's to the end of a blunt cut vector. I 
>> haven't tried it as yet, but considering the ridiculous cost of 
>> Invitrogen's plasmid I am likely to try it soon. YOU HEAR THAT INVITROGEN!!!
>While I have not personally used this protocol, I know several labs on
>campus who HAVE, and with very good results.  Be sure that you do the
>annealing/ligation at 12°.. this helps.
>mic at nwu.edu
>"It [PowerPC Mac] won't have any effect at all on Intel machines.
>They will continue to plod along, running the same clunky Windows              and wretched DOS drivel they always have.  The PPC will affect Intel PCs the same way an SR-71 Blackbird affects a dairy cow."
>                     Robert Rhode, in comp.sys.mac.advocacy


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