cla I site in Bluescript II

Klaus Salger salger at
Wed Dec 28 15:35:32 EST 1994

Rick Neubig (RNeubig at wrote:
: convenient insert. I see that the Stratagene map of pBluescript II 
: has Cla I in parentheses. Does this mean that the cleavage is not 
: good or that there is another site in the vector for Cla I?
as far as I know the ClaI site is perfectly OK in pBluescript II.
No second site in the vector, no overlapping methylation site,
so - no problem.
Maybe Stratagene wants you to use Bsp106I instead of ClaI, they don't
sell ClaI anymore. I guess they put it in parantheses to show that
it's just an isoschizomer of Bsp106I.
But this is just a guess, if you want to contact Stratagene directly
here's their e-mail address: tech_services at


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