help on NA45 and wais...

Klaus Salger salger at
Thu Dec 29 15:11:03 EST 1994

tao at wrote:
: Also, I tried search with wais with no luck.  Some instruction on
: its usage and hint on the server address would be greatly appreciated.
: TIA.
: Tao

Tao, you can retrieve old usenet articles by gophering to
"". If you have a WWW viewer (like Mosaic or Lynx) you can
access the server by going to "gopher://".
Choose "Search Bionet USENET Articles" and type in your search
keyword. You will get a list of articles that contain your keyword.
Choose the article of interest to read and eventually save it.
This does usually work but didn't work for me some minutes ago.
So maybe something is wrong with the server at the moment.

Hope this helps (fell free to contact me by e-mail for further questions)

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