RNA from rheumatoid synovial biopsy tissue

Peter J. Crilly Peter at compo.demon.co.uk
Thu Dec 29 13:44:13 EST 1994

Dear Netters,

My wife is trying to isolate RNA from rheumatoid synovial biopsy tissue and is
have some difficulty, when she runs the RNA out on a 1% agarose gel there does
not seem to be any RNA; the control she runs works OK.
She is can only get hold of tissue fragments about 1 cubic mm in size and
wonders if this is too small. The tissue is also quite 'fatty' and she also
wonders if the presence of lipid in the tissue fragments could lead to problems
isolating RNAfrom these same fragments.

If anyone has any experience in this and has any advice to give it will be
greatfully received.

Peter J. Crilly

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