Does this strain exist?

Richard_Heath heath at
Thu Dec 29 15:09:52 EST 1994

In article <3dckdp$rtj at>, benedik at (benedik at writes:
> I am looking for the ideal strain for general use in my lab and want to
> know if it exists.
> What I would really like is JM101 that is endA- ?
> The markers I really want are: recA+, lacZM15, lacIq, endA- 
> We usually use the one step transformation method (PEG+DMSO) and want a
> strain which transforms well with that method. 
> I have tried both JM105 and JM107, which should be fine for my use, but
> both transform at least 10-fold lower efficiency using this method.
> Anyone out there with our ideal strain? 
>  Or alternately, does anyone have an endA- mutation linked to a
> selectable marker which I could transduce in ?
> Michael Benedik               benedik at
> Biochemical Sciences
> University of Houston
> Houston, TX 77204-5934
A quick check of the ATCC and CGSC gophers didn't pull up anything obvious, but
you may want to do a search for the term "endA", and check out the references
of the strains that pulls up... oneof them was a "high efficiency of
transformation" one...

Good luck, Richard

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