RNA from rheumatoid synovial biopsy tissue

Jukka Luoma bljulu at uta.fi
Fri Dec 30 01:35:42 EST 1994

Peter J. Crilly (Peter at compo.demon.co.uk) wrote:
: Dear Netters,

: My wife is trying to isolate RNA from rheumatoid synovial biopsy tissue and is
: have some difficulty, when she runs the RNA out on a 1% agarose gel there does
: not seem to be any RNA; the control she runs works OK.
: She is can only get hold of tissue fragments about 1 cubic mm in size and
: wonders if this is too small. The tissue is also quite 'fatty' and she also
: wonders if the presence of lipid in the tissue fragments could lead to problems
: isolating RNAfrom these same fragments.

I have isolated RNA from rabbit arteries and lungs and used usually much more
tissue (1-3 g), so I think that the problem of your wife is far too small
tissue fragment. PCR could be a good method when workin with very small 
tissue fragments.


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