Drosophila nuclei prep

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Thu Dec 29 16:01:55 EST 1994

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>         I am looking for a protocol for preparation of nuclei from Drosophila
> embryos.  I would prefer a small scale protocol for running the nuclei
> on Westerns. Thanks.
> Sandra Orsulic
> Biology Department
> University of North Carolina
> orsulic at uncvx1.oit.unc.edu
Dear Sandra,
  My doctorate was based on a nuclei prep developped by my mentor, David
Gilmour.  The references listed below contain the procedure:
Purnell Mol Cell. Biol. 13, p 2593-2603 1993
  Actually this is the best one.  If you want Dave's number is
814-865-3795 and you would be calling Penn State University.  I don't
think he would mind answering your questions.  I have copies of the
protocols but I would have to FAX them to you.  I thought since you are so
close you might want to talk to Dave as he likes to know all the fly
  Peter Emanuel

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