Does CTAB effect 260nm readings?

Mark Hicks - Genetics Group/University of Alberta mhicks at
Sat Dec 31 20:06:24 EST 1994

Happy New Year fellow nettors,

	I am trying to obtain conifer DNA using an extraction protocol
which uses CTAB in the extraction buffer.  Following extraction a 260 O.D.
reading is otained and a sample is run on a gel along with DNA of know concentration.
The problem is that based on the O.D. readings I am under estimating my actual
conc. when I compare it to the gel.  Other people have told me that CTAB does 
effect absorbance readings but I find that hard to believe that any CTAB remains
with the DNA after 3 ethanol ppte. are performed.  Does anybody have any idea if this is
true and if so how can I get around the problem.  

Thanks in advance,

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