Frost Free Freezers for Enzymes?

Basavaraju Shankarappa bsh at
Tue Feb 1 16:11:07 EST 1994

> Hi,
> Our lab needs a new freezer and one that doesn't require defrosting
> would be ideal.
> However, I have often been told that "frost-free" freezers are not
> suitable for storing restriction enzymes etc.
> Is this true and do all "frost-free" freezers use the same technology
> to prevent ice building up.
> Reagrds, Gareth
> Gareth Wyn Griffith, Univ. Wales, Bangor 
> BSS097 at

	We have used frost-free freezers because they are so cheap.
The caveat is that you have to store the enzymes inside something like
stratacoolers.  You can very well save lot of money by building a
box with holes for tubes on your own.  They hold the temperature 
very well.  
Raj Shankarappa
bsh at

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