Extracellular enzyme production

malaine at sara.cc.utu.fi malaine at sara.cc.utu.fi
Wed Feb 2 09:52:16 EST 1994

Hi netters!

I'm studying the extracellular enzyme production of some phytopathogenic
bacteria. I've done qualitative analysis in vitro of the enzymes produced by
this bacteria (by using indicator plates) and now I would like to quantitate
the enzyme production. Enzymes I'm mostly interested in are cellulase, amylase
and different pectin degrading enzymes.

I would like to ask you now, if you have protocols to quantitate for example
cellulase production (I'd prefer spectrophotometrically) from growth media or
probably some other methods, which would allow me to analyze differences in
enzyme production between isolates.

I will appreciate any suggestions, hints or references!

Thank you,

Marko Laine

Marko Laine
Univ. of Turku
Dept. of Plant Physiology
Biocity, 6th floor
20520 Turku

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