predicting pKa from a known a.a. seq?

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> Hi everyone:
> I wonder if there is any way you can predict the pKa value from a known
> amino acid seqence?  Is it jus a simple calculation, or it might be too
> complicated and needs a computer program to solve it?
> Thanks for the help.
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> Ing-Nang Wang
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Check out Analytical Biochemistry 179: 319-325 (1989).  Along with more
exact methods, the authors present a fairly simple calculation you can do,
followed by looking up the final answer in one of their tables.  If you
just want the pKa for a single protein, a computer can add up charged
residues a lot faster than you can.  However, if you want pKa's of many
derivatives of the protein, this manual approach might be faster than
entering the modified protein sequences.  Good luck.

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Molecular Biophysics and Biochemstry
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