predicting pKa from a known a.a. seq?

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Wed Feb 2 17:57:34 EST 1994

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>         If it's a simple calculation, why depend upon a computer
> program to do it?

==> It becomes simple because of the computer program! :))!

>        I think it's useful exercise to calculate protein pI values
> by hand (OK, with calculator). This way one will really learn which
> amino acid side chains are ionized (and their charges) or ionizable
> under various conditions. Such knowledge goes a long way towards
> developing a good grasp of many aspects of protein structure, function
> & enzyme reaction mechanisms. We do still teach those things, don't we??

==>You are absolutely right!! Do we need to spend that time again if we
know that *knowledge* already? :)

> 	There's another reason too: programs are sometimes buggy.

Right! The chance of wrong-doing in calculation by hand is much higher.

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