M.William Lensch

JOHNSON_T johnson_t at am.pclsv3.sandoz.com
Wed Feb 2 13:28:56 EST 1994

Dear William,
Yes sir, I am the guy!  I tried to E-Mail you directly 
from the address in the header of your message but it 
didn't go through.  Therefore, I am posting to the 
network.  Your name sounds familiar, but I am having a 
hard time placing a name with a face.  Are you the 
William that worked as a technician in Dr. Li's lab?  I 
remember a William who liked to draw cartoon characters 
on the blackboard by Dr. Welker's Lab.  Are you that 
William? You can E-mail me directly instead of posting to 
the network.  Use the address listed below.  If you have 
any problems getting through, then post to the network.  
I usually check my mail every day.
I look forward to hearing from you!
  Todd M. Johnson
  Sandoz Research Institute
  East Hanover, NJ
  E-MAIL Johnson_T at AM.pclsv3.sandoz.com

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