CaPO4 Tx at 10% CO2

Loren Joseph ljlj at
Thu Feb 3 10:41:52 EST 1994

Does anyone have any experience doing CaPO4 transfections in a 10% CO2
incubator for cells grown in media (DME) optimized for 10% C02? Of course I
only have the one incubator, the cell lines have been growing well at 10%,
and the transfections are not working. Rather than shifting to MEM and 5%
C02, only to find out that the transfections still don't work ( for reasons
unrelated to %C02), I hope to find if anyone has experience or theoretical
insights to offer. My assumption is that at 10% CO2, the DME should have
the desired pH, but perhaps disturbing the equilibrium at 10% alters the
response to the perturbation by the CaPO4. Any help would be appreciated.


Loren Joseph
Dep't of Pathology
U. Chicago
ljlj at

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