problem with autofluorescence caused by glutaraldehye

Hung Fang hfang at
Wed Feb 2 13:32:11 EST 1994

Hi, there!

        Does anyone out there know any methods to reduce or eliminate the
autofluorescence caused by glutaraldehyde fixation?  Somebody has suggested
that treatment with sodium borohydride (1mg/ml) might work. However, it has
not worked in my hand so far. Has anyone ever used sodium borohydride, and
has a successful experience? 

        BTW, I am working on fixed entact sea urchin embryos, not sections, 
and I don't know whether this might make any difference. Also, the autofuorse-
cence caused by glutaraldehyde fixation seems to have a quite broad spectrum,
therefore, the problem can not be solved by chosing another kind of exitation
filter.  Oh, also, for some experimental reasons, I could not use fixatives 
such as formaldehyde, methanol.

        Any suggestions are appreciated!


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