Lacz expression plasmids with nuclear localization signal?

Ben Murray bmurray at
Thu Feb 3 15:54:25 EST 1994

I'm looking for sources for eukaryotic expression plasmids carrying the 
beta-galactosidase gene with and without nuclear localization signals.  I
would like to use these plasmids in an upper-division (juniors and
seniors) undergraduate cell biology laboratory course to demonstrate
expression of transfected genes in cultured eukaryotic cells (probably
Balb/c 3T3's) and to show that specific peptide sequences in proteins can
give rise to drastic differences in where proteins go.  Can anyone help me
out?  (Replies by e-mail are fine.)  Thanks!

Ben Murray, Developmental & Cell Biology, UC Irvine, Irvine, CA 92717-2300
E-mail: bamurray at

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