Genuis System

fzestabr at fzestabr at
Thu Feb 3 13:26:20 EST 1994


We are considering nonradioactive methods for Northern analysis using in 
vitro transcripts. Our primary choice has been to try out the kit from 
BRL using dig-labeled probes and chemilumenisence detection.

I was wondering if any one has had any luck with trying to get BMB to 
sell them a "starter kit". The initial expense of almost $800 is %&*? too 
much to handle, especially if it doesn't work well in our hands. We have 
talked to several people who have used the Genuis system and I would say 
the reports are 1/3 bad and 2/3 good. We may be in that 1/3 group.

I have tried my usual method of talking to tech services to get a starter 
kit or cut rate for the first time but have been unsuccessful. Has any 
one tried and been successful and can you tell me who you dealt with?


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