Vent (exo +) and RACE

Viraj vam2 at
Thu Feb 3 13:19:03 EST 1994

Hi All,

I was wondering whether anyone has performed 3' or 5' RACE using NEB
(exo+)?  I wanted to use this enzyme as opposed to Taq because of the
fidelity.  I'd like to hear whatever comments/experiences you may have
Currently, I am using Tfl DNA polymerase from Epicentre
Biotechnoloiges, but
I am getting a significant number of point mutations.

Additionally, has anyone done RACE without adding 10% DMSO?  I was
whether the reaction is as forgiving without this addition.

Many thanks,

Viraj Master
Dept. of Organismal Biology and Anatomy
Univ. of Chicago

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