Homemade Taq

John Brunstein brunstei at unixg.ubc.ca
Thu Feb 3 11:59:46 EST 1994

	I would be cautious about advertising the fact that you want to
make your own homebrew TAQ----I have been hearing more than a few rumors
of lawsuits brought down on lowly labs by "the people who own PCR".  Of
course, if you are using the TAQ for other purposes, then I don't think
they can claim patent infringement :-)

On Wed, 2 Feb 1994 fzestabr at chip.ucdavis.edu wrote:

> Hello
> We are imbarking on a project to save money and make our own TAQ 
> polmerase. We have a clone of the gene in E. coli. 
> Never having done this, we were concerned about the possiblity of DNA 
> contamination of the final purified product. If you have experience 
> making your own TAQ, could you tell us if this is a real concern and 
> whether it is easy to avoid DNA contaimination.?
> Thanks
> Elizabeth

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