Anti-phosphoserine monoclonals?

John Brunstein brunstei at
Fri Feb 4 12:11:41 EST 1994

	One of the postdocs in our lab is trying to determine the identity
of a phosphorylated serine residue on one of the viral proteins our lab
works on.  He is considering western blotting a 2D tryptic digest with
anti- phosphoserine monoclonal antibodies as a possible method for
narrowing down the number of candidate residues, but we are not aware what
(if any) suitable monoclonals are available.  If anyone out there in
Netland  has information (or even better, personal experience with) anti-
phosphoserine MAbs I would appreciate leads on their availability and
effectiveness.  Replies can be posted directly to me; if anyone else is
interested let me know and I could post a summary on the net.
	Thanks in advance,
John Brunstein
brunstei at

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