T-Vector for PCR cloning

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I too would be *very* interested in obtaining a T-vector in plamid
form.  We currently make our vector by adding dTTP to pUC19 cut with
smaI.  It would be a lot easier to just cut a plasmid in one step.

Do you have any more information regarding the vector that might become
available at ATCC?

> In article <2im1nh$2o6 at news.u.washington.edu>, findley at u.washington.edu
> (Seth Findley) wrote:
> > I have seen a few postings recently regarding T-vectors.
> > 
> > I have one almost made, but have little interest in finishing the 
> > construction. If somebody wants to finish this, I can send the stuff:
> If this vector comes in a circularised plasmid form (which you linearise to
> form the T-vector) i would love to have a ug or too :)
> BTW i think soon a circular T-vector may be available from ATCC (i think
> you digest it with Xcm I to produce the single T-overhangs)
> Bacterial stox are welcome also
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