PCR inhibition by U.V.

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UV irradiation of DNA causes the formation of thymine dimers.  I would
not recommend irradiation of the primers or the dNTPs.  It seems likely
that you are damaging your oligo's

> In order to eliminate contamination in my
> PCR reactions, I have treated most reagents
> with uv (except the oligos) including the
> wax, and am now getting poor yields where
> I used to get better yields using the same 
> temperatures/times.  THE question:: does uv
> create some chemical products that inhibit
> pcr????
> Also I have heard that just storing oligo's for
> long periods in water at -20 C. will result in
> the oligo's being less efficient for PCR..
> Rich
> rocket1 at bu.edu

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