Which PCR cycler must we buy?

Mon Feb 7 13:57:38 EST 1994

Which Thermal Cycler do we have to buy to perform our PCR's?
    The thermal cycler (Gene ATAQ Controller, Pharmacia) which we
are using has to be replaced.
We are just thinking of buying a DNA Thermal Cycler or a DNA Ther-
mal Cycler 480 (Perkin Elmer) or maybe  the cheaper Thermal Con-
troller PTC-100 of MJ Research Inc. with or without the optional
hot bonnet (heated-lid accessory).
We are very interested in the pros and cons of of these instruments
(in particular the reliability of the heater block) by their users.
So if you think you can help us by making the right decision please
let us know.
Henk v.d. Kamer and Frank Schuring
Department of Molecular Cell Biology
University of Amsterdam.

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