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daj (David Johnston) daj at nhm.ic.ac.uk
Mon Feb 7 03:14:28 EST 1994

On 6 Feb 1994 08:41:45 -0000,
  Eric Yang writes:

>Could anyone out there tell me something about the TA cloning system
>(Invitrogen) for cloning PCR products?  What are it's advantages and
>disadvantages?  Does it really work?
Yep, it sure does (for us anyway). The new version is better than the 
original as it uses ampicillin selection rather than kanomycin so you 
don't have to make yet another type of plate. The only dissadvantages we 
have found are (1) copy number isn't particularly high (2) you get 
mountains of legal paperwork with the kit which you are suppossed to sign 
anmd return, swearing on your granny's grave that you won't give any of 
thre plasmid away etc..

Promega do a pGem T kit which does the same thing, works well in our 
hands, has a higher copy number, uses ampicillin selection and JM109 cells 
(our lab standard so no worries if the supplied competent cells run out - 
TA cloning uses INF alpha cells). Worth considering also.

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