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> > We have recently started to use Promega's "new" Wizard Mini and
> > MAxiprep kits and have found the plasmid DNA degraded. Does 
> > anyone have any tips or hints to improve the quality of the 
> > DNA. (We used the Magic MINipreps without any of these problems)
> Don't buy Wizard preps.
I use Wizard minipreps quite often for sequencing miniprep DNA.  They work
great for sequencing; they're fast so I can easily do 16 minipreps,
sequence them, and run the gel all in a day.   BUT...I had problems with
Wizard Midiprep DNA.  I prepared a stock of plasmid from a 40 ml culture
using Wizard Midipreps and when I tried to digest the DNA I got a
substantial degradation of the DNA.  This happened with two different
restriction enzymes.  It cost me about a months worth of work because I
thought my problem was the enzyme until I cut the DNA with a different
enzyme and it did the same thing.  Also, I get much better transfection
efficiencies (transfecting into insect cells using CaPO4) with CsCl pure
DNA than with Wizard preps.  Thus, I've dropped using Wizard preps except
if I need to sequence minipreps.  Strange it can give you DNA good enough
to sequence but not good enough to do a simple digest.

I wonder if anyone from Promega is listening?

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