Detection of Glycosylated Proteins !

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Mon Feb 7 20:47:04 EST 1994

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>Subject: Re: Detection of Glycosylated Proteins !
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>> Hello,
>> Does any one have a method for detecting glycosylated proteins 
>> on nitrocellulose membrane by any other method other than silver
>> staining..
>> I am currently using Schiff's reagent but the levels of detections
>> are very low.. Can anyone suggest an improvement over this too !

>Try using 125I - labelled ConA as detection method. ConA will recognize
>most glycoproteins on nitrocellulose. Furthermore it will be fairly
>sensitive and quantifyable.
>Good luck, Martin

You could also try VECTASTAIN kits from Vector Labs which we have used very 
successfully in the past.  These are avidin/biotin based systems that offer 
an amplified signal with a variety of lectin probes and improved sensitivity 
over 125I without the hassle of labelling or isotope use.

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