RNA Affinity Columns

delihas at asterix.bio.sunysb.edu delihas at asterix.bio.sunysb.edu
Tue Feb 8 15:04:34 EST 1994

	I'm looking to isolate a specific RNA binding protein from a
partially purified E coli extract.  I thought I might have the best chance
by constructing an affinity column using my RNA bound to some sort of agarose
backbone. I have some references that use activated adipic acid dihydrazide
that I can hook oxidized RNA onto, but was of course wondering if anyone
out there has constructed an RNA affinity column in a different way. 
	Anyone have experience with making an RNA affinity column? Any tips,
caveats,better methods? I will post a summary of responses to the list.

	Mail responses to delihas at asterix.bio.sunysb.edu


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