Gamma Irradiation

Duncan Clark Duncan at
Wed Feb 9 14:16:25 EST 1994

Hi Netters,

Every few months I need to dispense 20,000, 1.5ml vials of buffer that needs
to be sterile. To date I use screw top eppendorfs and autoclave. This works
providing the tubes are autoclaved upright and not tipped until cooled down.
The problem is that occasionally during shipment, no matter how tight the 
caps, some slight leakage occurs. The buffer contains 750mM Tris, 200mM 
Amm.SO4 and the probable culprit 0.1% Tween 20. Does anyone know what effect
sterilizing by gamma radiation would have on buffers of this or similar 
nature? It turns out that gamma irradiation is cheap and the lack of heat may
stop the polypropylene caps/tubes distorting and causing the leakage. I intend
to try a few sample vials etc but would value any experience in this area.

Finally has anyone seen or heard of a machine that will dispense and cap screw
top eppendorfs. It is a very boring job!

Many thanks


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