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Wed Feb 9 22:53:52 EST 1994

shiha02 at wrote:
: Hello,

: There are evil spirits in my lab; at least in my restriction digests.
: I have a plasmid, pSP1, containing an insert, that I am trying to
: digest with sph1 (The site should be in the insert). Now, if I purify
: the plasmid using magic mini-prep (Promega), the plasmid doesn't cut.
: If I purify the plasmid with conventional miniprep protocol (alkaline
: lysis) the plasmid cuts, but there are also degredation. A mock digest
: of the alkaline lysis plasmid (without enzyme) does not result in a
: cut plasmid. What's going on? Is there something funny about magic
: miniprep that I'm not aware of? Please post or mail me directly.
: Thanks a bunch.

Try some of the following literature:

   Encyclopedia of Magic and Conjuring - Walter Gibson
   Master Notebook of Magic - Bob Wagner            
   Now U C It, Now U Don't - Book and video            
   Tricks of the Imagination - Robert Neale         
   Amazing Miracles of Shigeo Tagaki - Kaufman      
   Impossibilia - John Bannon                       
   By Forces Unseen - Ernest Earick/Stephen Minch   
   Don't Blink - Jim Swain                          
   Land of Make Believe - Fred Barton            

   Abbott's Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks - good for hanging yourself      

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