Blunt end ligations - another question

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Wed Feb 9 22:40:21 EST 1994

>Hi netters,
>has anybody tried to do blunt end ligation in the presence of a blunt-cutter?
>this should work for blunted DNA fragments that won't restore the original
>site in the vector once ligated. The idea is to push the rxn into the
>fragment ligated direction w/o having to CIP the vector.
>->      which enzymes do work?
>->      which buffers did you use?

Yep it works,  Stratagene use SrfI but at about $US2.50/U it is very XXXy. 
We also use SmaI if your insert doesn't contain a SmaI site.

Hint DO NOT ligete overnight since the enzyme dies but your ligase may not.
 Therefore ligate for about an hour, heat kill and transform.

Cheers, Klaus
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